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Festival Review

  • Laura Liendo
  • 27 December 2023

We were stranded for pleasure in the paradise of Riviera Maya, immersed in the amazing HOLY SHIP! experience, a four-day festival held at the luxurious Hard Rock resort on December 12-16, 2023. In this idyllic setting, we were delighted by the presence of our favorite house music DJs, immersing us in one of the most intimate and exclusive concert experiences on the planet.

Holy Ship featured 6 unique stages that invited exploration and musical adventure. During the official party takeovers, some top notch record labels were present, adding a special touch to every moment.

Imagine the luxury of an all-inclusive resort fused with the vibrant energy of your favorite festival. Here, all you can eat and drink becomes a reality, with amenities just steps away from your room. Your package encompassed not only music, but also accommodations, delicious food, refreshing drinks, exquisite cocktails, a variety of activities, access to the water park and room service, all at your fingertips! And best of all, without the worry of bar tabs to distract from the experience.

It was more than a festival, it was a paradisiacal getaway where every detail was carefully planned to offer an unforgettable experience. HOLY SHIP! at Hard Rock Riviera Maya provided not only exceptional music, but an oasis of comfort and entertainment, unparalleled in the world of festivals, an experience that exceeded all expectations and will surely remain etched in the memory of all the lucky ones present!

Photos by: Jamal EID

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of HOLY SHIP! WRECKED that we had the privilege of experiencing at the iconic Hard Rock Riviera Maya Resort! This setting, filled with an atmosphere that pays homage to the rich history of music, became the perfect backdrop for the celebration of this unique event.

From the first light of day, we decided to start our day on the beach stage, floaties in hand, letting ourselves be carried away by the tide of music that spread out before us. Afterwards, we eagerly ventured out to secure our spot on the Main Stage, where the musical magic was flowing with intensity.

The night stages presented us with a fascinating dilemma, as each offered a unique experience. The Tropic Stage, for example, enveloped us in the opulence of a baroque palace, illuminated by the seductive red light. The Sunrise Stage visuals captivated us, but Thursday was our favorite day.

Thursday's magic unfolded with the Sunrise Send event, where we were greeted at sunrise by a stunning back-to-back starring Claude Von Stroke and Green Velvet. The vibrant energy of Boys Noise and Mikey Lion further elevated the experience, creating an unforgettable sunrise that will resonate in our memories for a long time to come.

The festival at Hard Rock Riviera Maya was not just an event, but a musical odyssey that took us through different stages, each with its own charm and personality. From the waters of the beach to the lights of sunset on the Tropic Stage and the ecstasy of sunrise on the Sunrise Send, each moment was a jewel in the treasure trove of our festival experience. We can't wait to unravel the musical mysteries that the next encounter in this sonic paradise will bring!

Photos by: Jamal Eid & Gina Joy

Some of our favorite sets:

Photo by: Keiki-Lani Knudsen


On Wednesday, the Wrecked Stage vibrated with an unparalleled musical experience thanks to the carefully curated selection of artists presented at the Takeover: 4 Tha Luv party, hosted by the talented Honey Luv. Each set was a jaw-dropping musical surprise.

The night kicked off with the amazing Heidi Lawden, who set the perfect tone for an evening full of emotions. She was followed by the incredible Ms. Mada, delighting us with an exquisite set that transported us to a unique sonic journey. The welcome to Prunk was like a musical embrace that prepared us for the stellar appearance of the hostess, HoneyLuv.

HoneyLuv took over the stage with a beautiful set that masterfully fused house, afro and minimal rhythms, creating an enveloping atmosphere that made us dance non-stop. She was the perfect hostess, guiding us through a musical journey that left its mark on every heart present.

We had the privilege of enjoying the legendary Derrick Carter, who not only surprised us on the Wrecked Stage, but a few days later gave us a set full of pure Disco on the Tropic Stage.

HoneyLuv's musical curation at Takeover: 4 Tha Luv was a real treat for electronic music lovers. Every artist, every beat, and every moment created a unique experience that will surely remain engraved in the memory of all attendees. We can't wait for the next edition of this incomparable musical spectacle!

Photo by: Jamal Eid


One of the most memorable experiences of our trip was Thursday's session, which will undoubtedly go down in the annals of house music history. Tokimonsta took over the Beach Stage, turning it into a magical setting where the calm of the reef merged with the irresistible beats of one of the most acclaimed artists of our time. Despite the cloudy skies, her set had the power to transform the environment, transporting us to a sunny day full of positive energy.

We were so captivated by Tokimonsta's mastery that, anticipating the musical delight that awaited us, we set an alarm on Friday so as not to miss her closing set on the Sunrise Stage. This last set was simply sublime, cementing our love for Tokimonsta's music. Every note, every mix, immersed us in a sonic journey that left an indelible impression in our hearts.

Tokimonsta not only illuminated the beautiful beach on the Beach Stage with their musical artistry, but also took us to new heights with their spectacular close on the Sunrise Stage. An experience that transcended expectations and reaffirmed our admiration for this talented artist. We are grateful to have witnessed these magical moments that have left a lasting mark on our connection to electronic music.

Photo by: Julian Bajsel


On Thursday, we immersed ourselves in the unforgettable experience of the closing set at the Sunrise Stage by the talented Australian Wax Motif. Remembering that moment is evoking the feeling of wishing we were there again, reliving the magic that captured our senses. The connection between Wax Motif and the audience was palpable, and left us eager for more.

The euphoria reached its peak a few days later with the impressive back-to-back finale alongside Cassian. It was a musical encounter we simply could not miss. The audience, or rather, the entire Shipfam, went wild at the fusion of sounds, and the dance floor vibrated with the infectious energy of the music. This set was positioned as one of the most anticipated moments of the night, and exceeded all expectations.

In retrospect, the Wax Motif experience at the Sunrise Stage was not just a set, but a sonic journey that left us yearning for more. The communion between the artist and his audience, the explosion of sounds, and the electrifying atmosphere created a show that will remain etched in our memories - definitely an epic chapter in the history of HOLY SHIP! that we will remember with fondness and excitement!


On the first day of HOLY SHIP! the grandeur of the Main Stage was brought to us by Frenchman Dombresky as the second act, who unleashed a wave of energy with his energetic tech house set. This was the perfect start to the festival, with the crowd giving their all on the dance floor and leaving us all eager for more of Disco Dom's magic. With the promise of an unforgettable musical experience, we decided to pay him a visit again on Friday, this time on the Sunrise Stage, marking the perfect prelude to the set of our favorite: Tokimonsta.

Photo by: Keiki-Lani Knudsen


The experience of arriving and meeting Ardalan wearing a little Santa Claus-style beard was just great - we love you, Ardalan! Ardy, as we affectionately call him, is a renowned artist whose name stands out on billboards, thanks to his innate ability to infuse the crowd with energy. His dexterity as a DJ and his ability to make eclectic selections blend seamlessly on the dance floor have made him a true master of the musical art.

His set is chameleon-like, always surprising and exciting. But what really left an impression on us was his performance on the last day, where he treated us to a full disco set. It was like diving into a musical oasis full of infectious rhythms and positive vibes. Ardalan is not only a master of mixing, but also a creator of experiences that elevates the connection between the music and the audience.

So here goes our thanks to Ardalan, Santa's bearded musical wizard, who made us dance, laugh and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. In his hands, every set becomes a sonic journey, and every encounter with him is a celebration of musical diversity. Thank you, Ardy, for adding a magical touch to our moments at the festival!

Photo by: Keiki-Lani Knudsen

From classic old-fashioned field games to fashion shows and everything in between, there's never a shortage of awesome ways to get involved at Holy Ship! Wrecked. Full resort occupancy means plenty of unique daytime programming created just for you. Our curated calendar of activities brings together fans and artists and leaves you with memories you'll never forget - stay tuned for our announcements and bring your best attitude!

Theme Nights are a Holy Ship! tradition and an opportunity to unleash your creativity. Aliens to Studio 54, Dynamic Duets to Friday the 13th. A way to express all your creativity and bring your best outfits to the dance floor.

Holy Ship! has built a devoted community, thus creating the: Shipfam.

During your fourth event, graduate as an OG Shipper and receive the coveted OG robe. Anyone who has attended 10 Holy Ship! events becomes a member of Club Ten, an exclusive membership with elite perks and benefits.

All OGs are invited to the OG Party where they have a private party on the last night in paradise.

Get ready for HOLY SHIP 2024!

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