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Vintage culture announces forthcoming debut album “Promised Land”

With release of new single, “Weak” with Maverick Sabre and Tom Breu

  • Laura Liendo
  • 22 January 2024
Vintage culture announces forthcoming debut album “Promised Land”

BRAZIL (JANUARY 19, 2024) — The culmination of a transformative journey unearthed in 2019 and forged during a creative awakening amidst the 2020 pandemic lockdown, Vintage Culture today announces his long-awaited album, “Promised Land” Preceded by the successful singles "Fallen Leaf" and "Come Come, Vintage Culture elevates his musical journey, unveiling his latest offering, "Weak", which has already become a fan favorite in his live sets. Through 16 meticulously crafted tracks, Vintage Culture (Lukas Hespanhol Ruiz) will deliver a comprehensive exploration of various electronic music genres, unfolding a deep listening experience that showcases his talent as a producer, sonic visionaire and DJ. On January 19, Vintage Culture introduces the third single off his debut album in collaboration with Maverick Sabre and Tom Breu.

Over the course of four years, Vintage Culture spent a great deal of time finalizing the auditory narrative of “Promised Land”, ultimately resulting in a sophisticated anthology that transcends the fleeting nature of singles in today's fast-paced music industry. The pandemic served as a catalyst for Vintage Culture, one of which inspired the enigmatic mastermind to finalize and weave his abundant creations into one, cohesive story that signals an apex in his prolific career and artistic portfolio to date. With "Weak" as the harbinger, “Promised Land” is poised to be an opus in a category of its own, a testament to Vintage Culture's boundary pushing approach to electronic music.

The inception of “Weak” dates back to the height of 2020, an introspective era for the Brazilian DJ that paved the way for the larger body of collaborative work brought to life alongside diverse talent such as Maverick Sabre. Vintage Cultures' 2019 remix of Maverick Sabres and Jorja Smith's' “Slow Down'', which amassed over 300 million streams across all digital platforms, laid the groundwork for a broader collaborative effort. The immense success of the remix spurred Vintage Culture and Maverick Sabre to harness their creative synergy, inspiring them to delve into a new project together, culminating in their latest collaboration. “Weak” fuses together the lyrical prowess of the UK Soul artist Maverick Sabre, influenced by the old hip hop and disco era, with Vintage Culture’s melodic expression of house music to deliver a sensual, yet emotive composition that sets the tone for the thoughtfully curated album ahead.

As "Weak" makes its official debut, the track only further affirms Vintage Culture's expertise in harmonizing diverse musical elements with contemporary electronic soundscapes. The track not only showcases his versatility as a producer, but also resonates with listeners on a deeply emotional level as he encourages them to embrace their own vulnerabilities. Combining the nostalgic allure of old-school hip-hop with the infectious energy of house beats, "Weak" exemplifies the sonic alchemy Vintage Culture is best known for. Maverick Sabre's commanding vocal performance adds a rich layer of depth to the track's eclectic, genre-blurring sound.

"Weak" offers listeners another tantalizing glimpse into an album that encompasses the full spectrum of Vintage Culture's musical affinities, from house to techno, electronic pop to melodic. The album boasts collaborations with an array of artists, including Maverick Sabre, The Temper Trap, NomBe, Magnus, and GoodBoys, to name a few, showcasing his ability to meld his sound around the sonic profiles of diverse talents.

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