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Terminal V returns with an epic sold-out festival to mark its 10th edition

  • 19 April 2024
Terminal V returns with an epic sold-out festival to mark its 10th edition

Terminal V's latest epic weekend showcase once again reaffirmed its status as a UK party powerhouse, with 40,000 tickets sold throughout the weekend. The event saw a delivery of top-tier house and techno across various indoor and an outdoor stage. This two-day extravaganza featured a lineup of international headliners and cutting-edge audiovisual production as well as plenty of new surprises for anyone who has been and experienced it before.

The festival is famous for creating an immersive atmosphere at The Royal Highland Centre and Showground in Edinburgh which plays host to six distinct stages, each offering a unique aesthetic and sonic experience. With 11 hours of non-stop music each day, techno always takes centre stage but is never the only sound as Terminal V's expert curator means plenty of music is showcased in impeccable style.

Area V had a brand new stage design for this year which introduced a special full 360 view for the crowd to make it all the more immersive. It's a place for high energy sounds and up for its crowds and over the weekend it saw just that with Nico Moreno closing out Day 1 being a highlight, while Indira Paganotto also performing for her second year in a row but the first time here was also another big moment for the rising Spanish star.

The Hangar had light strips through the venue, running from the DJ booth right over the crowd, which meant that your every sense was stimulated as they flashed and the DJs dropped their beats. Even some rain could not dampen the spirits of the sold-out crowd.

AZYR at the Area V stage was met with an international crowd who were keen to have their enthusiasm matched and they were not left disappointed. Oguz closing out Area V also sent people home happy but hungry for more, which is a perfect balance.

Other highlights include a colourful set from DJ Heartstring closing the The Green House stage which also saw a vibrant and up-for-it crowd going hard to Miss Bashful going b2b DBBD Live, as well as sounds from NARCISS, Interplanetary Criminal and Partiboi69. On Sunday Funk Tribu took the stage at Area V and played a thunderous set with some classic edits, such as Gangsters Paradise, which whipped up a frenzy.

Berghain regular Kobosil at The Hangar locked things down with his signature darkness and Clara Curve had full control of the same stage during her afternoon into evening set as the vibes got more moody. Local Scottish legends and Slam played a superb closing set b2b inside the Terminal, which is the smallest, most intimate stage, that will not be forgotten soon for many

On this evidence, Terminal V continues to set the bar high for electronic music events in the UK and remains in a class of its own.

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