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SXM Festival 2023

Key Performances

  • Photos: @MattEachus - @nicholaskhess - @Bryan.Kwon - - @JamesBridlePhoto
  • 21 March 2023
SXM Festival 2023

SXM Festival is the only festival in the world that takes over the entirety of an island and it's the idyllic Caribbean spot that is Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. For five days and nights it becomes an adult wonderland and the one and only destination music experience you need in your life. You can dance in surreal locations, enjoy beach and villa parties, hilltop sunrises or chill by the pool and all with a world class soundtrack.

This year it reached new heights once more with a wealth of magical moments and unforgettable memories and here we round up five of them.

Mochakk on the Arc Stage

This house set was truly one of the highlights of the whole festival. Playing on the iconic Arc Stage on the beach on Day 1, the energy was insane and built up until the end. When the 22 year old sensation Mochakk played his iconic remix of 'Rizzla' by The Martinez Brothers and Gordo the crowd was on fire! It was a top way to kick off the event with such good energy and great vibes.

Black Coffee’s Afro House Set

Black Coffee is a global leader of the Afro house scene who has taken it from the streets of South Africa to the world's biggest clubs. He showed a full range of moods, grooves and emotions when he played on Day 1 to an adoring crowd. He controlled the vibe perfectly and had them eating out of his hands with his slick mixing and fine selections. The funniest moment was seeing AMEME and Mochakk backstage dancing during his set. It added to the incredible atmosphere.

Layla Benitez on the Panorama Stage

Layla Benitez is New York born and raised but is of Puerto Rican and British descent. She brings all those rich influences to her own fresh take on Afro house and on Day 3 she was in top form. She played on the stunning Panorama Stage as the sun was setting and sending shivers down everyone's spine. She made for a truly iconic moment when everyone was getting ready to enter the third night and she showed the depths of the Afro sound taking the world by storm.

Doc Martin

Doc Martin is a West Coast legend with his very own singular sound. He provided a superb dose of energy at the Arc Stage on Day 3 which was a real injection of freshness as he worked his way though plenty of killer garage. The shuffling drums, pitched up vocals and warm bass get everyone bouncing and happy with smiling faces and fist pumping a real sight to behold.

Marco Carola

It was a very special time in the Caribbean and of course the fun comes thick and fast at all times. On Friday on the Arc Stage it was Marco Carola who stood out. The big Italian techno titan knew what to do and did it well. He dropped plenty of rollers to get the energy levels high, teased with some classics and more playful cuts and showed why he is such an in demand global star as the crowd lapped up his every tune.

Dubfire on the Arc Stage

It was Day 5 when the techno legend stepped up but the crowd still had plenty of go left in them for this one epic final closing set. He tapped into that with his heavy hypnotic grooves, dramatic synths and exquisite selections. The dancers by the side really brought the stage to life as did the production with plenty of top tunes added into the mix.

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