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Ramiro Lopez

Releases Slowing Down on Record Label Filth On Acid

  • 6 May 2023
Ramiro Lopez

Ramiro Lopez releases Slowing Down on Record Label Filth On Acid

Ramiro Lopez is next up on the hard hitting Filth on Acid with an EP that will blow up global dance floors this summer and beyond. The Spaniard has been making moves since 2006, and here he brings raw texture and real energy to these fresh new cuts.

Slowing Down is a heads down and driving cut with seductive vocals and synths fired from a machine gun that build and build. Louder then lashes about with more wildness, brain frying synths and dark drums and Since 1995 layers up edgy chords and explosive white noise blasts with more smart vocals. The chunky drum funk never lets up down low then Amnesia brings some trance-inducing chords and angelic vocals to hypnotise while the drums brutalise.

From drilling and raw hard techno sounds to steamy and melodic sequences, this EP delivers the ultimate selection for a filthy dancefloor experience!


1) Slowing Down

2) Louder

3) Since 1995

4) Amnesia

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