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Noise Cans & Jesse Royal team up to command the dancefloor with ‘attention'

The Bermudian DJ/producer and reggae chart-topper reunite for the eagerly awaited collaboration under Noise Cans’ Caribbean-showcasing label, Masquerave Records.

  • 3 May 2024
Noise Cans & Jesse Royal team up to command the dancefloor with ‘attention'

Bermudian DJ and producer Noise Cans is reuniting with chart-topping Jamaican reggae artist Jesse Royal for the bass-house single, ‘Attention’, slated for release on May 3rd via Noise Cans' own Masquerave Records. Illustrating their chemistry, ‘Attention’ arrives as a music embodiment of the multifaceted artist’s global influences with contemporary electronic dance music.

An auditory journey blending genres, ‘Attention’ features a pulsating production arrangement characterized by smooth breakbeat drops, synth stabs, and rhythmic piano chords. Jesse Royal's echoic vocals add an extra layer of depth, with lyrics like "I wanna be oozing through your pores" driving home the track's allure. With its fusion of varied musical elements and undeniable vitality, ‘Attention’ is primed to leave an indelible mark on speakers worldwide, solidifying Noise Cans and Jesse Royal as a formidable collaborative duo.

Directed by Fernando, the accompanying video - which drops on Monday, May 6th - unfolds with a serene shot of a woman nestled in nature, preparing an herbal tea. Indulging in the mystery elixir, she is whisked away to a bustling Jamaican open-air market. The imagery of Gombey mask artwork flashes across her face, signaling our immersion into the world of Noise Cans and Jesse Royal. Punctuated by glimpses of the duo posted up in the lively market scene, our protagonist embarks on a sensory journey, enveloped in a euphoric drug-induced haze accentuated by fisheye lenses and glitch videography. With the arrival of the pulsating breakdown, the viewer is transported to a neon-lit, glow-in-the-dark rave where our stars converge to revel in the night’s infectious energy.

"Jesse is the first artist I thought of when I created this record.” explains Noise Cans. “After the success of 'No War,' we both would run into each other from time to time and would be like, 'We need another one.' This is the one. 'Attention' is the perfect mixture of House music meets the Caribbean."

Jesse Royal reflects on the single: “‘Attention’ for me is easily one of the most fun songs I’ve recorded and what made it even better was the place we dug this idea from internally. It was a reminder that the root of music is the heartbeat. While writing despite everything else going on, on the beat the heartbeat stuck out in my mind. So ‘Attention’ to me is a love song with heavy drum patterns that still finds a way to converse with the heart."

Now, with ‘Attention’, we witness two artists at the apex of their craft, poised to send shockwaves through dance-floors and airwaves around the globe.

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