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KUNGs, David Guetta & Izzy Bizu celebrate life on new dance anthem 'All Night Long’

The superstar trio combine for a true 2024 banger

  • Laura Liendo
  • 22 January 2024
KUNGs, David Guetta & Izzy Bizu celebrate life on new dance anthem  'All Night Long’

French producer phenomenon Kungs and his megastar mentor David Guetta team up with talented British singer-songwriter Izzy Bizu on ‘All Night Long’, the life-affirming new single out on 19th January.

Kungs has never been shy about it: the 26-year-old DJ & producer behind the hits ‘This Girl’, ‘Never Going Home’ and ‘Substitution’ with Purple Disco Machine, which have gained billions of streams worldwide, is a big admirer of the electronic mogul David Guetta. Since meeting in 2016, the two have forged a singular relationship. Although Valentin Brunel aka Kungs benefits from the expertise and advice of the mastermind behind global hits like ‘Titanium’ ft. Sia or, more recently, ‘I'm Good (Blue)’ ft. Bebe Rexha, he is pursuing his own career, asserting his unique identity as a DJ and producer on the new electronic scene in France and around the world.

It’s no surprise then that there’s such a strong artistic connection between Valentin and David. Between studio sessions and long-distance exchanges, their cooperation is a captivating merry-go-round, teeming with ideas, concepts, and visions, shaping ‘All Night Long’ as the banger of 2024.

Bringing together two generations of the French Touch scene, ‘All Night Long’ is a dance anthem that combines addictive melodies, high-energy production and soulful pop vocals. Kungs and David Guetta’s exquisite synergy, marked by their longstanding collaboration, provides the perfect platform for Izzy Bizu’s unique voice, which blends pop hooks with indie vibes over frank, heartfelt lyrics.

‘All Night Long’ began with the three artists' desire to create a unifying anthem celebrating festivity, carefreeness, and desire. Working remotely between Paris, San Diego, Miami and London, the project took shape around the philosophy of making people dance.

The track’s celebratory energy is perfectly embodied in the official video, "Shadows" directed by Ferina, which explores themes of youth and love in a muggy, suffocating, end-of-the-world atmosphere, where the only motto is to live to the fullest. Part life story, part cinematic journey, the story is told through characters and a series of simple, identifiable events, like a living “tableau” of a sensory voyage.

With their promise of a brighter tomorrow, Kungs, David Guetta and Izzy Bizu deliver a unifying, positive and unfiltered celebration of life with ‘All Night Long’.


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