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Get To Know: Andruss

  • 21 June 2024
Get To Know: Andruss

Quickly coming up as one of the hottest producers in the Latin House scene following his breakthrough hit with “Frikitona”, Mexico-based Andruss’ latest single sees him team up with the masked talent Sam Collins for their certified club heater “PAPI”. With Andruss heating up on the scene at the moment, earning support from Cloonee, Fisher, Diplo and more, we get to know the rising talent and his newest single as well as hearing about his second ever performance in the US for Mixmag’s Caribbean takeover in Miami.

Hey Andruss, thanks for joining us! Please introduce yourself for those who don't know.

Hello everyone, nice to meet you guys. I’m Andruss, a Mexican Latin producer of latin tech and some tech house.

What is the scene in Mexico like right now? Any artists or clubs that you would recommend us checking out?

Of course! There’s a big scene increasing these days. To be honest I'm a big fan of my own friends, some of them have been crushing it at big clubs. I’m talking about Kinahau, Tom & Collins, and Bautista. Almost every Mexican artist who’s on my own label is making big moves these days.

Tell us about your collaboration with Sam Collins - how and why did you link together on this release?

Everything started on Instagram, as you know its an amazing social media platform these days, we connected, he send me a pretty idea, I decide that tune will be crushing the sets, I was thinking do something like the vibe of the tech house with these little reggaeton flows on the vocals but ideally with our vibe, touch and flavour. That’s the little inspo from the Big Riff percussion of the afro-timbales on the drop.

How would you describe the new release and what was the production process like working together rather than solo?

I think Sam came with a solid idea of a great tune, I just made the magic to make that happen.

Where and when did your journey into electronic music, DJing and production begin?

Everything started by the age of 15-16 years old. A young boy that listens to the artist on the radio, listens to different sounds that weren't made by a guitar, bass, or piano.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt along the way?

The important thing is not to reach the goal but to enjoy the journey.

What label, party, DJ or club has had the most impact on shaping your sound and style and why?

Definitely Paradise from Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers and Cloonee.

I think the way they keep playing music that they love but also bringing a lot of new artists, styles, edits and showing incredible tunes to the people who went crazy on the stage. I think that's the important thing rather than being a handsome boy on the stage screaming at the mic all the time.

How would you describe your sound and what makes you unique as an artist?

I see my music as the result of the fusion of all my music tastes, from funk/soul to hip hop and reggaeton. It's a perfect combination to me of all these flavours on my tunes, the groove and the rhythm, thinking of a track as a vibe not as a hit, if it crushes it that's cool to me, but never was the goal of trying to get a no.1 top seller track every time.

How important is it to respect the roots and traditions of house music and the communities it emerged from?

It's all from someone who wants to make things right, showing respect for the music you’re taking talks about you even as a person.

You played for us at the Mixmag Caribbean x Miami showcase earlier this year, how was that set for you, how does Miami compare to playing elsewhere and what was the highlight?

You may know this but it was my second show in the US overall. I think Miami, especially the Mixmag Caribbean showcase, was the best way to show someone else what latin music is.

What other shows do you have coming up for the rest of the year? Any that you are particularly excited for?

Will be performing at Elrow this year in Ibiza this next June 22th and also got a big show with Blackbook Records from Chris Lake this 19th July at Brooklyn, NY.

What else are you working on or have coming out this year?

Got a big collab incoming this year, finally is Pegao with Helix and also keep posted on my instagram that will premiere with who i finish the collaboration. Also Tomala is coming out on 19th July with Draxx.

Andruss and Sam Collins ‘PAPI’ is out now on Helix Records, buy / stream here >

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