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Francis Mercier & Boukman Eksperyans : ‘Imamou’

  • 17 May 2024
Francis Mercier & Boukman Eksperyans : ‘Imamou’

Francis Mercier unveils his newest Afro House release, ‘Imamou’, alongside the Haitian musical group Boukman Eksperyans. A rework of the band’s 1998 song, ‘Imamou Lele’, this latest production comes as a celebratory release for Haitian Flag Day and sees Francis Mercier returning to his label, Deep Root Tribe, as a follow-up to his previous 2022 Haitian release, ‘Ayibobo’. As the production works to convey meaningful messages of hope, happiness, and relief, with lyrics focused on the experiences of the Haitian community, ‘Imamou’ delivers a powerful listening experience that marks this collaborative release as an unmissable expression of originality and vibrant sound.

Alongside this captivating and moving release is a crowdfund action started by Francis Mercier that aims to raise funds to be donated to the non-profit organization Ayiti Demen, who aims to improve the quality of life in Haiti, by encouraging and supporting local communities.

As a renowned Producer/DJ, Francis Mercier continues to garner a reputation within Electronic Music, standing out with his unique signature sound and compelling approach towards music production; while he remains committed to highlighting his rich multicultural heritage, Francis Mercier continues to incorporate the diverse and varied sounds on offer around the globe, presenting music that consistently makes an impact.

With this latest release, Francis Mercier once again appears to sustain his determination when it comes to spotlighting the various cultures across the globe, bringing a track that vocalizes the vital matters currently being experienced by the Haitian community. Presented as a collaborative effort between Francis Mercier and the Grammy-nominated band Boukman Eksperyans, the production is no doubt a stimulating listen, delivering lyrical content that communicates how Haiti’s land, resources, and people are enduring hardship due to the political turmoil currently faced by the country. With Francis Mercier’s signature style shining through, blending deep, melodic elements that work to push the boundaries of House music, the soulful vocals of Boukman Eksperyans join in sonic harmony, creating a track that is as captivating in sound as it is in emotive impact.

Detailed with a steady beat, uplifting pads, pulsing synths, piano chordal elements, and a dynamic low-end, ‘Imamou’ evolves into a bold tapestry of compelling sonic layers, building into a mighty-sounding arrangement in which the vocals of Boukman Eksperyans are given the space to shine. With potent vocal textures woven throughout the track, joining in conversation with the lead and other instrumental elements, the inspiring energy of ‘Imamou’ remains throughout, making an impression on listeners as more details enter the mix. As driving rhythms and punchy synth hooks keep the track moving forward, listeners will no doubt enjoy the infectious vibes of ‘Imamou’ that make this new production such a powerful example of Francis Mercier’s innate talents and striking signature style.

Appearing as an exciting addition to his catalogue, this latest collaboration from Francis Mercier and Boukman Eksperyans is surely a must-listen for his fans and lovers of the style, coming to raise the bar with its bold and moving sound.

For the latest updates on Francis Mercier and Boukman Eksperyans, be sure to follow them across social media. ‘Imamou’ out now via Deep Root Tribe and is available to stream and download across platforms.

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