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AIMMIA releases "Hypnotize" on Easier Said

Out now!

  • Laura Liendo
  • 26 January 2024
AIMMIA releases "Hypnotize" on Easier Said

AIMMIA brings some class to Easier Said with hot new single ‘Hypnotize’.

AIMMIA is a rising star who has broken onto the scene with full force, playing shows at clubs and venues all over the major markets in the US, and releasing her ethereal and bass-tinged house on several top labels. She steps up her game again here with this great new production. Says the artist, "Hypnotize was designed to portray the feeling of getting lost in the music. Its hypnotic rhythm and dreamy vocals teleport the listener's mind to an alternate realm.”

They're not wrong - it is indeed the sort of cut to lock you into a mindful state as you meditate on the trippy synths and rolling drums. It's full of tripped out colour and smart filter work as well as hooky vocals.

This is a standout cut packed with otherworldly charm.

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