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Attend Amsterdam Dance Event as a virtual avatar from anywhere in the world.

  • Rocío Flores
  • 14 October 2022

Amsterdam Dance Event Highlights New Technologies and Futuristic Initiatives in the Music Industry
19 – 23 October -

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the world’s largest and most influential club-based festival and conference for electronic music will highlight the leading trends and technologies in the music industry as AI, web3, VR and the Metaverse take centre stage at this year's edition, where you can even attend as a virtual avatar from anywhere in the world.

ADE Pro conference focuses on the business behind electronic music, the future for electronic music and the world surrounding electronic music. With these core focus tracks, the conference hosts in-depth keynotes and discussions with industry leaders at Coachella, Warner Music, Death Row Records, Lightyear, YouTube, Meta, Soundcloud, Spotify, and more.

ADE Blendrealities will transform the home base Felix Meritis into a futuristic hybrid VR space merging the physical and virtual world. Visitors from all over the globe are invited to attend and explore the acceleration of artificial intelligence and its impact on human creativity with us. The lineup includes: Richie Hawtin, Harry Yeff, Blake Lemoine, Thomas Wolf and Monique van Dusseldorp. Join the event as a virtual avatar from anywhere in the world with free access. Learn more about the event and RSVP here.

Richie Hawtin is an artist at the forefront of these new technologies and he will host a live NFT minting masterclass and demonstration as well as a ‘deepdive info into the world of Arts & Music NFT’s’ with Sam Madhu, Micol Ap, Merel van Helsdingen (Founder & Director, Nxt Museum) where they will discuss how VerticalCrypto Art is leading within the NFT ecosystem, empowering and elevating artists that incorporate NFTs and blockchain in contemporary art.

Digital frontrunners Portrait XO and Thomas Haferlach will also explain how artists can co-create with AI, presenting examples of what a co-creative process looks like through the lens of artistic and scientific perspectives.

DJ, Producer and Digital Artist, Don Diablo will host the session "In Conversation With mAIself" in which he will have a conversation with an AI-generated deepfake version of himself as he showcases his synthetic avatar created by Synthesia.

Web3 will also be discussed in a conversation with multi-disciplinary artists Richie Hawtin & Portrait XO about the creative evolution of the online realm, hosted by who will also discuss Democratizing the future of the music business’ with Melanie McClain (P00LS) and Michail Stangl (ZORA) exploring the impact of web3 technologies on the music business.

Lightyear co-founder and CEO Lex Hoefsloot will talk about realizing his dream for clean mobility for everyone, everywhere with a long-range solar electric vehicle designed to be grid independent and to drive for months without charging. Also on an environmental tip, Mitchell Van Dooijeweerd (Sustainability Manager, Revolution Foundation) will host a workshop on Circular Event Management in the ADE Green program, where he will share his insights into a full circular festival, showcasing the roadmap, audience engagement and systems implemented towards a circular DGTL 2022.

The full program is available here and the ADE Pro Pass is available here.

The Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing electronic music, its culture and its industry worldwide. The organisation devotes itself to stimulating development, innovation and talent, gathering the global industry and laying a foundation for future generations.

About ADE

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), an initiative of Buma, has grown into the world’s largest and most influential club-based festival and conference for electronic music. The event continues to grow and develop each year, featuring over 2,500 artists and 600 speakers in almost 200 venues. The five-day event attracts visitors from over 146 countries and features every conceivable aspect of electronic music culture, with dedicated conference programming, an extensive Arts & Culture programme, live music and DJ/artist performances, all spread across the city of Amsterdam. More information about ADE can be found here.

ADE – Electronic Music Gathers Here

The Amsterdam Dance Event is organised by The Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation. Founding partner: Buma

Main partners: Heineken 0.0 | Desperados

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