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7Rituals Label

‘The Remixes For The People Of Iran’, on Rias’

  • 8 March 2023
7Rituals Label

DOBé has partnered up with other artists on a human-rights project that supports the fight against oppression in Iran. Together, they bring ‘The Remixes For The People Of Iran’, on Rias’ new 7Rituals label, with all proceeds going to the "Woman, Life, Freedom", Foundation.

7Rituals first release is a set of individual remixes of the powerful track ‘Baraye’, written and produced by Iranian singer-songwriter Shervin Hajipour, inspired by the death of Mahsa Amini and its aftermath. Originally released on 28th September 2022, ‘Baraye’ led to Hajipour’s arrest the following day. Hajipour was released on bail on 4th October, following a wave of international support and high-profile names sharing Hajpour’s message on their social media accounts and Coldplay playing the track at their Buenos Aires live concert earlier this year.

The remix package features a blend of contemporary electronic dance music styles with renowned global artists.

The cause of this release is to support the protest and the message of the unbelievably brave women in Iran and everybody in the world who is fighting for women’s rights and freedom. All proceeds from the release as well as the Customised Culture merchandise being created especially for the release are being donated to Woman Life Freedom, a foundation driving “global action in solidarity with Iranian women and girls who are courageously demonstrating peacefully for their fundamental human rights and liberty of Iran.” Both the t-shirt and release hope to increase the reach and visibility of the Revolution that is happening among the Iranian people.

After the death of Mahsa Amini and the start of the protests, news spread throughout social media (and Twitter in particular), by which (through phrases starting with the word “for”) the users explained their personal reasons for protesting and wishing for regime change in Iran.

Trying to capture the essence of these sentiments, Hajipour wrote each verse of the lyrics based on a separate tweet. The resulting text touches upon several topics in need of change, including low life satisfaction, women’s rights, children’s rights, the rights of refugees, animal rights, environmental concerns, recession and poverty, theocracy, and outdated social and religious taboos, militarism and political corruption, local corruption, freedom of speech, and the government’s hostility against other countries.

Irans protest anthem „Baraye“ was seen more than 40 million times in less than two days and won the Grammy Award for Best Song For Social Change.

The Remix package include DOBé, Human Rias, Jan Blomqvist , ANDATA, Pega, RSRRCT, Victor Ruiz & Tao Andra.

These remixes will be played and very much danced to in many European and global major festivals such as EXIT, but also the likes of Tomorrowland, Audio River, Sea Dance Festival, Sea Star Festival, No Sleep Festival, and many more yet to be announced.

Sherwin Hajipour – ‘Baraye’ The Remixes For The People Of Iran’

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