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  • 30 June 2023




Today Italian-brother duo Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli AKA Mathame have released their long-awaited debut album ‘MEMO’. Released via Astralwerks, MEMO takes listeners on a 13-track interstellar journey exploring the human experience and traversing divine realms.

Transcending genres, ‘MEMO’ sees Mathame skillfully blend intricate layers of synth melodies, pulsating trance rhythms, and haunting vocals into ethereal soundscapes. ‘MEMO’ is an exemplar of the multi-faceted quality of the duo’s signature sound, evoking a sense of introspection and euphoria whether experienced on the dancefloor or in solitude.

Throughout the year, Mathame began to unveil the narrative arc of the record with a string of releases including their monumental collaboration ‘Feel Your Ghost’ with Tiësto, which peaked on Billboard’s Hot Dance Chart at #22, pulsating club track ‘To Hope,’ intimately emotional ‘Come For You,’ and voluminously dark ‘So What.’ Transporting listeners further into the mesmerizing Mathame universe, album highlights include the melancholic ‘Run Boy’, emotive ‘Unreality’, and explosive ‘The Doors’.

MEMO takes listeners on a journey into the last three years of the Mathame experience, serving as a log of the duo’s memories and emotions since the album’s inception. Largely attributed to their extensive backgrounds as a classical violinist and award-winning film director, Mathame’s cinematic style melodies draw inspiration from classical film scores, movies, pop culture, art, their everyday life experiences, and sci-fi dreams.

Pioneering the cinematic techno genre, Mathame’s live Audio Visual (AV) show is an expertly curated fusion of immersive sci-fi inspired graphics and intricate light displays, synchronized with their sonic landscapes. The AV show creates a visual narrative and heightened sensory experience to accompany the emotional depth of the music, inviting Mathame’s audience to explore a new realm of auditory and visual integration.

Through the combination of Mathame’s emotive soundscapes and atmospheric AV show, the duo craft ecstatic moments and trancelike experiences on the dancefloor, expressing their own relatable life encounters and consequently evoking personal reminiscence in their audience. Showcasing the synergy between their auditory and visual work, MEMO serves as a device that allows listeners to recollect the emotions elicited during Mathame’s live show.

Speaking on the project, the duo said:

“MEMO is a device that allows us to recall our experiences from the past three years, comparable to a black box for flights. All the tracks have different stories, some of the tracks took one day to create, others took months. When there was something that we felt was meaningful and emotional to say, we collected these ideas. The full album as a result is a cinema-esque journey through our memories of making the record.”

Born on the desolate slopes of Sicily’s Mt. Etna volcano, the Mathame project gained massive global recognition with debut EP releases on Afterlife records, including ‘Nothing Around Us,’ followed by ‘Skywalking’ and ‘For Every Forever.’ Rising with momentum, Mathame earned a total of 25,000,000 streams across all platforms in 2022. Drawing on their love of science-fiction, Mathame utilized AI programming to help create the visuals for their AV show, as well as their hyper-expressionist single artwork, the anime-inspired music video for ‘So What,’ and their 2021 AI mix series. Heavily touring on the global circuit, recent highlights have included Coachella and Ultra Miami Resistance stage debuts, with upcoming performances at Tomorrowland, Ultra Europe, Sonus Festival and more.

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