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Indira Paganotto Launches Artcore’s first VA

"Face to face Miami week 2024"

  • 15 March 2024
Indira Paganotto Launches Artcore’s first VA

DJ, producer and label head, Indira Paganotto will release ‘Face To Face Miami Week 2024’ on March 21st via her ARTCORE label. The ten-track album features an alchemic brew of hard dance styles concocted by a stellar cast of talent. In 2022, Indira launched her forwardthinking imprint to further establish her brand of pulsing, high-intensity techno and to celebrate those artists who share her musical philosophy. After 7 releases, she looks to further make good on that promise with her label’s first VA.

BEC has reached the top of her game in a short time, after being head hunted by Pan-Pot, following plays at Burning Man, Tobacco Dock and The Warehouse Project. She is a ‘selfconfessed’ studio geek and wastes no time in setting the pace with opening track ‘Loca’. She constructs an arabic-infused soundscape by juxtaposing enchanting vocal and flute melodies with rotating techno percussion

Luca Agnelli and Rian Wood collaborate for ‘Kiss Like This’ which for all its glossy vocal retains a visceral rawness amongst flashes of synth and unrestrained bass. Both hailing from Italy, Rian has drawn his influences from Hard Rave, Old School and Gabber. Luca is the founder of his Eturia Beat label since 2010 but has been featured on many more including NineTimesNine, Blackworks and Soma.

The appropriately titled ‘Lose Control’ by emerging new alias TEUTON does exactly that harnessed by the Digital Mindz original he applies his own take on the hardstyle number. A man behind a mask, mysterious in his identity, he started his music career over 30 years ago in the hardcore and goa trance scene

Returning ARTCORE producer CHRS’ ‘Skeptical’ and brand-new artist PARKERSTRANGE with their track ‘123’ traverse a rave-psy-techno tightrope melding elements of each genre together in a cauldron of caustic electronica. Rich in style, and bold in its application of samples and atmospherics. The whole VA is intelligently executed, and this couldn’t achieved without artists like Italian multi-instrumentalist Giorgia Angiuli whose track ‘Ego Is The Enemy’ glides into life ascending through a melodic mist of fluttering dance motifs and monastic ambience. Giorgia is a live artist, and a classically trained musician who’s performed at Timewarp and Ultra.

Ecuadorian artist Lara Klart continues this vein of haunting but beguiling musicality on ‘Aleluya’ employing Miriea Clua on violin to instil a chordophone elegance atop a driving, deep techno pattern.

Joining forces on ‘Power Of Silence’ Rhygar and Stëh collaborate for the first time, they provide a refreshing range of techno aesthetics. Including Zeshin’s ‘Sushy Party’, a new psy-trance alias by Mattia Trani, who’s sound is inspired by Japanese 00’s gaming. His track is fuelled by a giddy, anime like charm that stems from the sugar-coated vocals which dance across waves of juddering drums and cooling synths.

The curtain closer, Joel Bird’s ‘Existentialism’ warps and surges with a celestial resonance amid a fusion of stomping claps a ceaseless percussion the track gently evanesces and fades into a calming ether. Joel is a young 20-year-old producer who’s work has been supported by KI/KI and Theo Nasa, this single marks his first release.

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