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Afterlife welcomes CamelPhat

With a massive remix of "Night After Night" by Fideles

  • 3 March 2023
Afterlife welcomes CamelPhat

Afterlife welcomes Camelphat with a massive remix of "Night After Night" by Fideles

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Prodigious artist Fideles returns to Afterlife with a mesmerising slice of dance floor elation.

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A longstanding member of the Afterlife family, Fideles encapsulates the label’s emotive and diverse sound. ‘Overcome’ has a vintage soul encased in futuristic flesh and blood.

A sonic drama unfolds on this cut, willing us to overcome whatever obstacles stand in our way. Globally-renowned duo CamelPhat return to the label after their scintillating collab with Anyma. This time they remix ‘Night After Night’, hitting us with a version that is brimming with vibrancy and highly potent emotional content.


1) Night After Night feat. Be No Rain (CamelPhat Remix)

2) Overcome

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